I don't care, I don't know.

I'm gay. *farts*

TESTIMONIALS: "He's loud and so is his asshole. It's not a very pleasant smell. If you wanna follow this blog. ..hold your breath. Hide your husbands and don't forget to bring the lemon pledge."



Stand up to injustice and hatred.

before tumblr goes ape shit and finds him and says stupid stuff, let me add that the guy is a YouTuber and he is a Muslim himself. he does stuff like this to see how people react and bring awareness out for different issues. he’s even done some for bullying and rape, etc etc. nice guy :)

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People who use slurs all the time remind me of really aggressive, badly-trained dogs who take your things, but growl and bite at you whenever you try to tell them it’s not theirs and call them out on their harmful behavior.

Remind me again, who is being  too sensitive?

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